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Book Review: The Wrong Sister by T.E. Woods

The Wrong SisterThe Wrong Sister by T.E. Woods
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3 stars.

Audio Book.

Predictable and quickly forgotten.

Listened: 8/28-30/2018

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Book Review: From the Corner of the Oval Office by Beck Dorey-Stein

From the Corner of the OvalFrom the Corner of the Oval by Beck Dorey-Stein
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 stars.

Thank you to Random House and Beck Dorey-Stein for this Advanced Reader’s Edition.

In my 20’s I lived in Northern Virginia during the 90’s. During graduate school at George Mason, I considered Law School and going on to work for a lobbying firm owned by one of my professors. I have an understanding of the atmosphere evoked in this auto-biography.

I devoured this book. Magnificent, yet easy to read.

Read 5/21-22/2018

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Book Review: The Girl in the Glass by Jeffrey Ford

The Girl in the GlassThe Girl in the Glass by Jeffrey Ford
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 stars.

Thank you to Goodreads Firstreads Giveaways! And to Dark Alley/Harper Collins publishers as well as the author Jeffrey Ford for this remarkable book.

Gothic, ghost story, historical fiction. Told in flashbacks that jumped around, but once I got used to the style it made sense (both literally and as a storytelling device).

History – the more things change through the decades, the more they stay the same. Politically timely.

I read this more slowly than I read a lot of books. I enjoyed the story, the world, the language, so much, I didn’t want it to end. I especially didn’t want to leave the historical universe.

Great acknowledgements by the author at the end. Exactly how I like my historical fiction, with references and recommendations for further reading.

Jeffrey Ford is a new favorite author, I will be looking up his previous books and looking forward to future publications.

Read: 5/7-20/2018

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Repost: Typos: Are You a Typonista?

I just read a blog on Brevity’s Nonfiction Blog called Typo Terror. The author became obsessed with the idea of a typo, checking her work multiple times, until she forgot to include an attachment in an email to an editor. She caught the mistake almost immediately and resent the email with the attachment. No harm, no party foul. After that, she decided to still check her work for typos (at least twice), but the error was not worth obsessing about.

When I was a volunteer MWR (Morale, Welfare, Recreation) specialist with the U.S. Army in Tazsar, Hungary in 1997, I was in a typo slump. Almost every email I wrote for two months had at least one typo in it. Although I knew I was in a holding pattern and did almost everything I could to prevent sending the typo laden correspondent, I was repeatedly unsuccessful in catching the ornery little devils. I even tried reading each email backward, word by word, in hopes of catching the finger fumbles. (Alas, the issue lasted until I returned to the United States, where my typo levels returned to normal. I think it was a stress induced issue while I was deployed.)

In the virtual world of Second Life, we normally communicate through chat. With several people chatting a once, the conversation strings can change and tangle quickly. To try to respond ASAP, before the topic changes, we rapidly type a response into the chat box. (Sometimes the chat lag in Second Life adds to the challenge to respond immediately and without errors.) As avatars, we blame our human typists. Several of us have become adept at reading typonese as we call the error filled typing in the chat box. We refer to ourselves in the third person as typonistas.

Are you a typonistas? How many typos are too many typos? How do you try to catch these errant mistakes? Have you found that spell check sometimes creates unintentional typos that you did not type?

Repost: 12 Things Readers Really Want Nonreaders to Know

Every reader has friends or family members who just don’t get it. “Why do you read so much?” they might ask, staring at your overflowing bookshelves or your Reading Challenge on Goodreads. “I haven’t read an entire book in years.”

Oh, those poor, unfortunate souls… Haven’t they heard about the very real scientific benefits of reading—like stress reduction and improved sleep? We asked our followers on Facebook and Twitter to share one thing about the comfort, joy, and importance of reading they wish nonreaders could understand. Check out some of our favorite responses below!

1. “Best therapy money can buy…or borrow for free with a library card. Reading helps me sleep, helps me forget about the day, and helps me relax in general.” –Sarah

2. “Opening a beer when you get home will reward you for an hour. Opening a book when you get home will reward you for life.” –Douglass

3. “Reading teaches you empathy, and it really gives you a chance to examine all the grey areas of life. You get to think about and see things from other perspectives—it’s awesome!” –Nyeisha

4. “I feel like I have friends all over the world, through space and time, who I can visit whenever I need a break from my own life.” –Kat

5. “Books are better than the movie. There is so much going on in the minds of the characters that movies can’t show. To really understand the movie characters you love, read the book.” –Linda

6. “The smells of books, whether they’re new and old, are enjoyable and pair well with tea or coffee. People who are loathe to read are missing out on smell-o-vision.” –Ian

7. “It’s one of the ultimate escapes. You can forget where you are and who you are. There have been times I’ve gone to Middle-earth and Hogwarts and Narnia in my head just to survive… Everyone should have that blessed escape.” –Ruby

8. “The more I read the easier it is to express what I am thinking or feeling. Thanks to books, I have the words.” –Melanie

9. “You will always have friends. Real life doesn’t always hand you the right people. But a book is the perfect place to find your people whenever you need them.” –Gillian

10. “Don’t give up on reading just because you tried one or two books that didn’t do it for you. Keep trying, and I’m sure you will find your niche or genre. When you do, you’ll be so glad you did!” –Wes

11. “Reading to me is like unconditional love. I always feel like I’m home when I read a book.” –Susan

12. “Used correctly, a book can transport the reader on an instant mental vacation with no jet lag, TSA, or dysentery!” –Todd

Book Review: Ordeal by Innocence by Agatha Christie

Ordeal by InnocenceOrdeal by Innocence by Agatha Christie
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 stars.

Thank you to HarperCollins Publishers and Goodread Giveaways for a review copy of this book.

It’s Agatha Christie, really, what more is there to say… “Perfection”

The characters are developed just enough to keep one guessing. The house seems also to be a character in its own right.

This edition was published to help market the “Limited TV series”, which I am told, is on Amazon Prime. Apparently the adaption is good, but they changed the ending and the murder is done by someone else. I can only guess that this was done to keep the viewer guessing. Personally, I’m not a fan of changing endings in tv or movie adaptions. But, I haven’t seen this one myself, only passing on what I was told.

Read: 4/20-22/2018

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Book Review: The Bone Farm by Dean Koontz

The Bone Farm (Jane Hawk, #0.5)The Bone Farm by Dean Koontz
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 stars.

Novella by Dean Koontz only available on audiobook. #0.5 in the Jane Hawk series.

Tightly written story, since it’s 0.5, I’m assuming it’s introducing the character Jane Hawk. The premise, like so many of this genre, is disturbing. All of the characters are well developed; getting into the psyche of the “villain” is uncomfortable, but fascinating.

This audiobook uses two readers, male and female, I think that works well. 2 hours.

Listened 8/11/18

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