One year blogiversary ** Inspiration 

I love, and am sharing, this bloggers Top 10 lists. I only began blogging last month and due to the ups and downs of my health can’t write every day. I see articles or quotes that I’m keeping in an email file, for my good days. I’ve been told most of my life I should write, and I’m finding I like this format.
The cats woke me up around 4 this morning and then a migraine kept me up (summer humidity doesn’t agree with me). Since I haven’t been able to fall back to sleep, here I am.

This is Squee, she prefers to be outside when she can. She’s sitting in the window now.

And Noelle. Noelle is with me. After Duder died, she barely left my side for two weeks. Now if it’s hot, she prefers the airconditioned room. I’m slowly sorting and decluttering, considering moving my bed into that room. Now that I’ve moved back upstairs, I’ve got options. I just don’t have the strength I had before I got sick, so I need help moving furniture and boxes. Or an airconditioner into this little room, my blue room. 

It’ll happen. Time is different for me now. Mostly bedbound for eight years, I’m surprised at the flow of days. Forgotten, slept through days. Binge reading, binge tv series watching. Cuddling with the cats. Chanting, often silently, as my throat hurts and my voice gets hoarse quickly. Just lying in bed, waiting for the pain to ease. Time passes. 

I think I have maybe seven followers here. If all my Facebook friends were instant followers, that would be something. But most of the time, it seems they don’t want to click to read a post. But I do this for me, if others find my writing interesting, even better. 

Things I need to work on: Adding categories and tags, posting my book reviews (and tv series), remembering to look at my blog folder for ideas.

As I mentioned this blog inspired me this morning. Thank you very much to the author discoveringsooz for the post and the following Top 10 lists: 


“10 things I have learned about blogging.

1. It’s not about free stuff
2. Having thousands of followers is hard work, but rewarding
3. Being organised is key
4. Honesty and privacy are important
5. Go out of your comfort zone
6. Blogs don’t have to be 17,000 word with perfect pictures
7. Don’t focus on the numbers, it’s the interactions that count.
8.You don’t need to pay money out for upgraded services. There are good free ones
9. You don’t have to stick to one subject, Your blog is predominantly for you!
10. Remember it’s your blog, including family/friend details can ruin relationships if its too personal! Unless your blog is 100% private anyone could read it. 

10 things I love about blogging

1. Seeing interaction from people I would never usually come into any kind of contact with
2. Reading a comment that says, yeah me too!
3. Being able to write about anything from weightloss to short stories
4. Seeing where people are from across the globe in my stats
5. Reading reviews on other blogs before I buy something.
6. I can write more indepth about so many things. Im not restricted by character count.
7.How much people adore Holly the cat!
8. I can be whatever I feel inside, I can be honest, and shed my layers from the ‘real world’
9.Reading other blogs, the people’s blogs I read are so interesting. I often get taken in more by a blog than by a book!
10. Having an outlet. An outlet where people are so supportive and rarely judge!

10 things I dislike about blogging

1.I can get too worried about numbers
2. Writers block
3. Knowing whether PR emails are genuine
4. Trying to keep up with all of my social media
5. Feeling like I should be doing better!
6. All of the free platforms that now charge as blogging has increased! (Crowdfire)
7. Forgetting to reply to comments
8. Worrying your blog format could be better with no idea how to change it.
9. Subject, length, picture anxiety
10. Having no blogs scheduled!

10 goals for the next year
1. Schedule more posts in advance
2. Plan said posts properly
3. Write more reviews
4. Interact more
5. Condense social media to an hour or two rather than spread throughout the day
6. Learn how to improve my blog
7. Accept more guest posts
8. Focus less on numbers
9. Take a break if neccesary
10. More pictures of food and Holly”


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