Amazon Takes Over Whole Foods Market ** editorial 

Big, heavy sigh. I’ve been saying for years Amazon is the Wal-Mart of the internet and I boycott it as much as possible. I have not stepped in a Wal-Mart in more than 12 years and those times I did it was under duress. My few Amazon purchases are only those items I can’t find anywhere else, when I search online for something and Amazon is absolutely the only place available. 

I do admit to using, I started before Amazon bought them out. I did try to move to another book app, even transferring my several thousand book library over – that took two files – but I didn’t find the new sites interface user friendly and eventually stopped using it completely. So I continue to use GoodReads, now an Amazon app, but it’s free to the user, I’m not giving them any money to use it. I’m sure they make money through advertising, but in reviewing the books I read I am giving equal access to the authors and publishers I read (not just the ones Amazon is pushing). On a few rare accounts in the past, in exchange for a free book from an author, I posted a review on Amazon itself, but that was due to a specific request from the author. 

So. For those people who want organic groceries, there are already many good companies online making that happen. Do some Google searches. For packaged food, comes to mind, I will get vitamins and detergent from them, also, natural pet products. For organic/non-GMO freach food produce and meats, there are new services popping up all the time. Explore the options. This is a fabulous article and gives a lot of suggestions for sites and searches.

If you are able, go to local farmers markets or join a co-op arrangement. When I had someone here to help cook, I belonged to a group that got batches of local and organic fruits and vegetables every two weeks, it was very affordable, even for my tight budget. A wonderful neighbor picked up my portion along with his own, and brought it to me. I miss that, but not being able to cook, I was throwing too much away, wasted, and that’s a terrible thing. 

From the article:

You may not realize it but Instacart4 is also doing home deliveries from grocers all over the U.S., including Whole Foods, so Amazon is hardly revolutionizing the food delivery concept. A major drawback of this potential acquisition is that while slightly better processed foods will be more conveniently available — which may be beneficial if you live in an area where good grocers are scarce or nonexistent — foods in general nearly always decline in quality when industrialization enters the picture.

Online shopping for organic foods also creates an enormous barrier between consumers and farmers. One of the best ways to ensure you’re getting high quality food is to get to know the grower. Establishing and nurturing such relationships, and really getting to understand where your food comes from and how it’s grown, puts “soul” back into the food, nourishes the spirit and strengthens community bonds.”

Do a search for local farmers markets, since it’s summer, you might be amazed by what you find.


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