DIY Teeth Whitening

Something I might want to try…


If you drink copious amount of coffee and tea, like me. Then you are well acquainted with the only negative side effect of drink caffeine–staining.

Yes, you can drink your coffee with a straw but I feel like the public is too judgemental when it comes to such things (kind of like socks and sandals).

Thus, this easy at home remedy will help you when you need to bring your pearly whites up a notch.


What You Need:

Baking Soda

Hydrogen Peroxide

A bowl

A spoon

A toothbrush


Hydrogen Peroxide

For those who are concerned about putting hydrogen peroxide in your mouth. The store only sells it in 3% bottles and it is safe to put in your mouth. If you drink the whole bottle I would be concerned.

If you suffer from plague built up hydrogen peroxide is a great way to soften it for removal.

The Application


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