Social media: a no negativity safe zone for people of a like mind ** essay 

I was just verbally assaulted and judged by a FB acquaintance, someone I’ve met infrequently over the years. Friend of friends, we had always had an amiable relationship, until tonight. Being attacked  is not why I use social media. I will be praying for this person’s happiness, but the blocking did happen. 

If you read my posts and have an issue with the way I handle any aspect of my life, instead of judging me, please either speak to me about it (nicely, please), or unfriend me. 

I do *not* post about my health issues looking for sympathy, I actually find that comment highly insulting and am still shaking my head in disbelief. I post about health issues for two reasons: one is because I am Facebook friends with a large group of chronically ill people and we share our experiences to give each other support, and two, to raise awareness about my own, and others, health concerns. 

This journey has been long with many twists and turns along the way. It is my journey. I have learned a lot about myself and other people along the way (both good and bad on both counts). 

I was tired before all this started, now my brain is saying “enough”. 

I can’t stress it enough, if you don’t like my posts, please unfriend me. The world doesn’t need negative thoughts, there are too many positive things to think about and strive for. If you’re reading this, it’s because I like and respect you and call you my friend. If for some reason my feelings change, I have enough respect for both of us to unfollow, unfriend, or block, as my feelings dictate. [I really hate blocking and usually only use it when I have asked someone more than once to stop what I consider to be an attack, towards me or a friend; if a person can only attack, and not engage in dialogue, there’s nothing healthy there. On more than one occasion, I have later become friends again, but I digress.]

Let’s call this a no negativity safe zone for people of a like mind.

Thank you. Your friendship is appreciated. 


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