“The Day I Decided to Become GaryVee” ** inspiration/essay 

His outlook is very SGI-Buddhist. Cause and effect – action and results; Faith like flowing water – keep at it no matter what; From today onwards – his final two sentences, quoted below.

Right now my long game is to get better. And once I started IV antibiotics everyone noticed improvements – that was January 2016. Since then, I’ve truly realized that’s what it was, not a quick fix, but a series of small steps, each one moving a little closer to my goal. 

This is my journey. Buddhism is not magic. I’ve been scolded and reprimanded and judged for not getting well faster, or chanting it all away. If I had done that, I would have a different journey now and a different story to tell, but I would not have had the time for all the self reflection, meeting so many amazing people, learning who is important in my life, and who thinks I was disposable (that’s a lesson that stings)… 

If I had improved and gone back to work towards the beginning, it probably would have been in my previous field, the auto industry; don’t get me wrong, I loved and was passionate about my career. The challenge was stimulating, but it wasn’t one of my dreams growing up, it’s something I fell into, actually a chanting benefit, right place, right time, right mentors. And I do miss the job and the people, especially the mentors who believed in me and helped me in my path -from fill in temp to a District Manager, having been sent to South Korea with dealership owners and managers, selected for a two year Leadership program with others from across the country, and other unusual training and mentoring opportunities. Those memories will always be precious to me, I still have dreams where I’m going back to work there; I had one last night.

However, this was not a mindful career, and in looking back over my life and the choices I’ve made, I know now it’s time to start fresh. And when I’m well enough, I will. In the meantime, I use this healing journey to research and dream and think through scenarios. And meet new people from all over the world. And read new books. And broaden my mind.

For anyone following along, my current treatment program is very intense. Doctors permitting (and I just got the go-ahead), I will continue with it and will either have a huge breakthrough or in December will again consider my options. (December 2016 we made a change that is very difficult on my body, but again, the long game, was greatly worth it.) 

I’ve been researching new treatments, experimental, not covered by insurance. Who knows what that future holds?

Once I’m well enough, I have several ideas on the mindful direction I want to go. There’s a dream I’ve had since college – it’s a long game… A very long game. And quite the journey. 

“You’re looking for the miracle hack and you think you have to get it right on your first try.
You’re going to look for that one move that’s going to change your career and you’re going to continue to search, and search and search and never do. You’ll be looking for the hacks, and the shortcuts and the easy way out and I’ll just keep putting in the work, the hours, the long term value, the strategy and the patience.
…It doesn’t matter what you did before. It matters what you do TODAY.”

“The Day I Decided to Become GaryVee” @garyvee https://medium.com/@garyvee/the-day-i-decided-to-become-garyvee-1b576b8933cd


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