TOUCHED BY LYME: A teenager seeks answers to a lifetime of pain | ** editorial/shared

Sitting here feeling the antibiotics flowing in through my port into my bloodstream, the attached article is both inspiring and depressing.

My battle with tick disease began in the mid 1970s when I was a child. My symptoms were not consistent, intermittent and changed over the years. I was sent home from the ER with overwhelming abdominal pain, they said I was stressed by Easter (and at that time I wasn’t religious, Easter meant chocolate bunnies), a few years later I was diagnosed with endometriosis, then later Crohn’s disease, and much later, my appendix was removed, half eaten by endometriosis. Stress, huh?

In spring 2009, on a golf outing for work, I got a fresh tick bite. I was 40, an upperwardly mobile professional in a management position with an international corporation. I had everything to look forward to.

By October 2009, I was disabled with a MRSA sinus infection, debilitating headaches, weakness, and fatigue. I have not been able to work since.

Finally diagnosed with Lyme disease in December 2009, it took a 2014 spinal tap to get me started towards my current treatment program that finally began January 2016. Since then I’ve definitely improved, but I still have my bad days and slightly better days.

I wish this young woman all the best and that she is able to achieve her dreams.

When I read her list of symptoms, I can relate to each one.

Please take the time to read her story.


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