Book Review: The Magic World by E. Nesbit

The Magic WorldThe Magic World by E. Nesbit

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 stars rounded up.

A delightful collection of children’s stories first published in 1912, but timeless. I wish I’d read these as a child; I love Ms. Nebit’s book The Railway Children, I read and reread when I was young.

Read 1/31-2/10/2018

From GoodReads:

A thoughtless boy learns a lesson from his cat; a magic telescope brings two boys a fortune; a crow, a cat, a fish, all whisk away disgraced children to castles; sensible princes and princesses outwit curses ..
1 The Cat-hood of Maurice
2 The Mixed Mine
3 Accidental Magic
4 The Princess and the Hedge-pig
5 Septimus Septimusson
6 The White Cat
7 Belinda and Bellamant
8 Justnowland
9 The Related Muff
10 The Aunt and Amabel
11 Kenneth and the Carp
12 The Magician’s Hear

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