How much money can you make from blogging?

How much money can you make from blogging?

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I wanted to clear this up so you could all know the dead-set, honest truth about the amount of money I make from my blog in regards to ads (using the WordAds program).

And the results are… based on 7,000 views a month, I make the princely sum of $3.00 USD.

Yes, you must be absolutely astounded, I’m now rich!! And even better, I can’t withdraw this money from WordAds until I make over $100 USD (which shall occur sometime in 2021). I want my vanilla latte now, damn it!

coffee-computer-cup-317154 image via pexels

BUT… my wonderful results are not completely useless. They tell us that once you reach one million views on your blog, you could make anywhere from $400-500 USD a month, which could work as a supplmentary income if you live in a yurt.

If you don’t live in a yurt, your blog will need something extra

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