HOUR 12: Show Us That Bookshelf(ie) [Challenge]

24in48 Readathon

Ring that challenge bell, readers, because we’re one whole quarter of the way through this winter ‘thon, and it’s time for me to interrupt your reading again.

april throw pencil.gif April Ludgate throwing a pencil at Ron Swanson

I’ve got a good reason, though. I’m up and showered and dressed in my 24in48 swag/finery, and it’s time for us to show off our bookshelfies.

For this challenge, all you gotta do is snap a picture of yourself in front of your bookshelf (or shelves, or stack of books threatening to bury you, or at your local library, or next to your nightstand TBR…you get the idea). Strike a pose, include your coffee / snacks, force your furbabies into the photo with you, however the book spirit moves you!

Here’s me and mine!

For this challenge entry, post your bookshelfie on social media/your blog and drop the link in the form. Don’t forget to…

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