Book Review: The Bone Farm by Dean Koontz

The Bone Farm (Jane Hawk, #0.5)The Bone Farm by Dean Koontz
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 stars.

Novella by Dean Koontz only available on audiobook. #0.5 in the Jane Hawk series.

Tightly written story, since it’s 0.5, I’m assuming it’s introducing the character Jane Hawk. The premise, like so many of this genre, is disturbing. All of the characters are well developed; getting into the psyche of the “villain” is uncomfortable, but fascinating.

This audiobook uses two readers, male and female, I think that works well. 2 hours.

Listened 8/11/18

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What Makes Reading Such A Great Escape From Stress and Worry

a cooking pot and twisted tales

Reading is one of those activities that comes with many benefits, including a range of mental health benefits. There’s nothing quite like sitting back on your bed, on the sofa, in a coffee shop – or wherever you are – with a book in your hand and your favourite drink. It’s so tranquil spending time relaxing with a good book, there is quite literally nothing like it.

There’s no doubt about it, reading is a great escape from stress and worry, but what it is that makes reading such a fantastic way to escape your problems, and what other benefits does this hobby come with? For everything that you should know, read on.

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Keeps your mind active

Research has shown that people who read tend to have more active minds than people that don’t read, and people who have these brains are more than two times less likely…

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Word of the day: Shunpike

What a fabulous word! I shunpike whenever possible.
Jul 23, 2018
This week’s theme
Tosspot words

This week’s words

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with Anu Garg

What does a scarecrow have in common with a pickpocket? A breakfast with a flapjack? They are all tosspot words.

What’s a tosspot word?

Stick a noun to a verb and you have the basic recipe for coining a tosspot word. Two important points. First: the verb comes first. Second: The noun is the object of the verb, i.e. pickpocket is a tosspot word because a pickpocket picks pockets; repairman is not, because a repairman does not repair a man, unless you call your doctor a repairman (better to call him or her a sawbones).

Enjoy this week’s tosspottery. Also try your hand at the wheel and share your creations below or email us at

noun: A side road taken to avoid a toll road.
verb intr.: To travel on a side road.

From shun, from Old English scunian (to avoid or fear) + turnpike (an expressway, especially one with a toll). The word turnpike itself is a tosspot word, from turn + pike. Before a turnpike was a highway, it was a barrier on a road, from turn + pike (a horizontal beam turning on a vertical pin). Earliest documented use: 1853.

“Having safely deposited our daughter in Williamstown, Massachusetts, for the summer, my alluring wife and I decided to shunpike our way back home to Washington.”
Philip Terzian; Little Van, Big House; The Weekly Standard (Washington, DC); Jul 5, 2010.

See more usage examples of shunpike in’s dictionary.

Hour 48: That’s a Wrap!

Until next time, January 27th-28th, come celebrate my 50th bday reading!

24 in 48 Readathon

YOU GUYS! You did it! We’ve hit the end of another fantastic 24in48 readathon. I don’t know about you but we are thoroughly exhausted and full of books. Everyone gather round for a big ole group hug. Yes, even you in the back!

Okay, fine. I respect personal boundaries. But I request the highest of fives instead:

But before we can wrap this up, we’ve got a few last pieces of business to take care of. Starting with the winners for the Hour 42 Bookends challenge:

Christina Hickey

Brittany Radomski

Amanda Salas

Meg L @megabooks

Tori Markwalder

Melissa Daunt

Shaina Wyche

Cassia Lima

Cherry (@_forevermint)

Stephanie Dawson

Angela Boersma

Carol Ellison

Bree Dumont

If you won here, go to the Prize Page and pick out your top three choices. Don’t forget to go check previous posts to see if you won a door prize or challenge task!

Don’t forget to…

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Hour 12: A Whole New World (Challenge) – 24 in 48 Readathon

For this challenge, share a book that has expanded your worldview or changed the way you look at something, whether it’s another culture, gender, race, a new concept, social justice issues…the possibilities are endless.