Ramblings from msleighm books

I started this blog several years ago as a place to publish book reviews and musings.

In 2009, while golfing at a work function, I got a tick bite that has changed my life. I went from a driven professional to an invalid in less than six months. A voracious reader throughout my life, when I can focus, I read. Thus the initial installation of msleighmbooks. Unfortunately, my energy waned and my eyesight worsened. I couldn’t keep up with writing reviews and eventually started binge watching tv shows on a tablet, a gift from my mother. 

Recently my attention has been again diverted, by the politics of the nation and the world. 

So this is to be a place where I can share articles, reviews of books or media, pictures of my cats, comments about my treatment. I’m not sure what will end up here, and I’m not sure if anyone will read it. That’s okay, I’ve got Facebook and Twitter for followers, this is for me.

I’ve lived many lives since my birth in 1969, in the next year I hope to blossom once again.