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Eminent posts make great men greater, and little men less. 

-Jean de La
Bruyere, essayist and moralist (16 Aug 1645-1696)


Quote of the day ~ GoodReads / shared 

“Why should you believe your eyes? You were given eyes to see with, not to believe with. Your eyes can see the mirage, the hallucination as easily as the actual scenery.” 

 Ward Moore, Bring the Jubilee

About this quote:

Ward Moore (born August 10, 1903) rarely wrote science fiction, but his 1953 novel Bring the Jubilee is considered one of the definitive works of alternate history. It tells the story of Hodge Backmaker, a historian (and time traveler) living in a world where the South won the American Civil War. 

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Quote of the day – GoodReads 

“Sleep is good, he said, and books are better.” 

― George R.R. Martin

About this quote:

August 6, 1996: A Game of Thrones was first published 21 years ago today. George R.R. Martin wrote the landmark fantasy novel (as well as its sequels) on a thirty-year-old PC using a rather ancient WordStar 4.0 word processor. He owns a separate computer for checking his email.