They said it’s esophageal cancer, inoperable; we’re calling hospice. ** editorial/essay¬†

I wish I still lived in Virginia so I could vote for her… Praying for her family. 

In my personal journey, pension, 401k, IRA, savings – all gone. Next up, under discussion for years, my house. I really can’t afford to stay here, but I don’t have the physical or mental energy to go through the process of moving. Nevermind my great credit is now in the toilet, who would rent to me or give me a new mortgage (couldn’t even refi this one)? So I stay here in a house and yard too big for me to handle. I’ve rented a room in the past, but because of my health issues I need someone I know, and can hopefully trust, and the current state of things, I’m embarrassed to invite strangers in.